The insight to know & the strategic plan to flourish.


Know & Flourish is committed to propelling growth. Whether you are an on-the-rise manager, a seasoned leader seeking ways to activate your edge or someone who is trying to level-up in a particular area, we have proven programs that will unlock and focus your potential. Businesses that are in the midst of a pivot or critical transformation have also benefited from Know & Flourish’s advisory, coaching, and training services. We partner with leaders and firms alike, developing collaborative plans and strategies that sustain success while supporting continuous growth.

We are committed to helping our clients soar and determine their strategic path that allows them to thrive in this modern, disrupted world.

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1-1 Leadership Coaching & Development

Perfect for on-the rise leaders facing new challenges or responsibilities, those that would like to level-up who are strategically navigating to the next phase of their professional path, or seasoned leaders looking to lean into their strengths and activate their edge.

Accelerated, targeted packages, designed to help leaders grow in whatever stage they are in.

Team & Group Leadership Development

These programs are designed for executive leadership teams,new managers, or groups of on-the-rise or functional leaders. Built on an understanding of your business goals and approaches and paired with proven techniques from 1-1 programs, we scale training across a group of leaders or teams, developing a multi-touch, custom plan to steer and succeed from.


Lively & engaging presentations geared at your particular audience and objectives.

Sample topics include Overcoming Imposter's Syndrome, New Playbooks for Modern Workplaces, Selling & Relationship Management in a Remote Era, Developing Emotional Intelligence as a Leader, Activating Your Voice & Your Edge, and more.


1/2 Day & Multi-Part virtual workshops focused on empowering teams or groups of leaders to overcome challenges, develop specific skills related to their success and develop a new foundation for effective communication and trust across their organizations


Whether you're a high performer looking to navigate to your next path, a leader seeking a team plan, or a growing company looking to get to your next level of success, we have you covered

Sign on for several hours or develop a quarterly plan to help as you navigate into a new role, tackle a new business objective, or advance your leadership skills



Align your team around a shared vision with a keynote talk or an outside trainer, learn the tricks of modern workplaces, or take part in workshops that streamline team communication, create psychological safety & deliver more effective outcomes


Set up all employees & key teams to drive business results through participation in bespoke workshops, speaker series or leadership courses or consider us for project-based work focused on digital transformation, growth strategy or solving a particular problem


Stephanie Blair, Founder & CEO of Know & Flourish, started her career in advertising sales for a major publisher at the dawn of digital media. She then spent nearly a decade at a leading SaaS company/digital research firm growing from a top-performing individual contributor to assorted leadership roles. One role tasked her with launching and growing a global arm of the business where she observed regular challenges related to global expansion, collaboration and growth. She has worked shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of leaders across Fortune 500, SaaS B2B, agencies, consultancies and startups as they underwent digital transformation and growth efforts and saw firsthand the elements that led to success.

Having long mentored and developed rising talent, and as someone passionate about contributing to growth strategies that make individuals and modern companies more effective, she decided to launch her own executive coaching and consulting practice, Know & Flourish, committed to, “Unlocking high achiever’s potential, providing them with the insight to know and the strategic plan to flourish.” 


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